'The Gold into Water Project' was founded with the dream of the global impact that could be made by using a portion of the sales of one of the world's richest resources - gold; to create funds to provide one of the worlds most vital resources - fresh water; to those who have not had access to it.

Gold and water are both natural resources that come from the earth, yet serve two very different purposes to human life. Gold on one hand is one of the most coveted metals in history yet it serves no purpose for everyday sustainable life, it has been used to enjoy, adore create and adorn with. Gold has stood as symbol of power, wealth, beauty and privilege through the ages.

Water on the other hand is a resource totally vital to sustain human life. We need water to live; the quality of it is directly linked to our health, wellness and opportunity in life.

In 2010 with Resolution 64/292 the United Nations General Assembly explicitly recognized the human right to water and sanitation and acknowledged that clean drinking water and sanitation are essential to the realization of all human rights. The resolution calls upon international organizations to provide financial resources, aid in building and technology transfer to help developing countries provide safe, clean accessible and affordable drinking water and sanitation for all.

'Gold Into Water Project' is directly answering that call.

The project is an initiative founded by Grant Conner - owner and operator of 'Nuggets by Grant' - to use proceeds of gold nugget sales to provide these needed financial resources to already excising water projects to help take down the worlds giant crisis clean water.

"We have a Goliath issue on our hands, and every one agrees slaying this giant issue will take major involvement from corporations and government, so as an entrepreneur I can join the battle and make an impact.

With a Jewelry Industry In America Alone reaching over 34 billion in annual sales. If we can get commitment for a shared 1% between manufactures and retailer the financial impact towards clean water will be one that has never been seen before. We will find the right clean water company and pour additional needed fuel for their fire to keep going forward in this battle against the worlds deadliest problem.

If every wholesaler and retailer through the Jewelry industry who worked on huge profit margins thought like this and jumped on board we can create the financial slingshot needed to take down the Giant.

The gold industry who's history is littered with greed and selfishness, this is our step in the direction of using gold instead for selflessness, generosity and charitable. These nuggets now won't only be fashioned into beautiful riches to be adored and cherished, but the will be part of providing water to many around the world."

Let the path to fresh water be paved in gold.